Friday, 24 September 2010

be bop a lula

last week, i posted about a photoshoot myself & a friend helped out with for dolls & molls jewellery - which you can see here. well, maxine (the model from the shoot) also makes jewellery & a few weeks later she asked my friend if she'd take some photographs for her (& i was invited along to help out!).
the shoot was for little miss delicious & if you like any of the jewellery you can see more at her website or on her etsy store. you can also follow her blog, or join the facebook group if you fancy. yes, i know i'm bombarding you with links, but i'm just trying to get all the info out there!
so, without further ado, here are a few choice pictures from the shoot;

we carried out the shoot in stateside diner, a 50s americana themed diner near to central station in newcastle. i love this place, it's just the cutest thing ever & plays the most amazing music! i think the jewelley fitted in very well here, with the food theme & everything (:

this is one of my favourite shots!

i've tried to link to the jewellery in the photograph where i can, but everything is individually handmade so the stock is pretty limited edition! i think most of the jewellery pictured is moulded from clay, but she also makes plushies & sewn badges which are adorable! she adds new stock quite a lot, in fact she's just made a new hallowe'en collection in time for october 31st.
doing these photoshoots has made me think a bit more about what i want to do with my life, & how i want to set up my jewellery business. but yeah, more on that later hopefully.
sorry i've been a bit lax blogging recently, i actually do have a fair few things to blog about but without a camera that just isn't getting done sadly. as soon as i have it back, & have posted about all those things, i'll get the giveaway sorted (:
ps. i hope you like the new layout!


  1. These look fantastic! Ahh I really want to find a 50s diner to hang out in now.

  2. WOW
    I loved these looks!


  3. You're soo pretty! I love your hair! Your pictures are amazing!

  4. Great pictures! Very cool xxx

  5. These photos are stunning and so fun! And I'm not going to lie, I now wish I owned a cupcake dress. So cute!!



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