Wednesday, 15 September 2010

que sera sera

i have received a couple of awards recently, which i am very very grateful for!
the first comes from harlow darling over at elegantly wasted, & involves me listing my ten favourite things;
one; the beatles. specifically black & white photos of them from the help era.
two; planning my outfit for the midnight showing of harry potter & the deathly hallows. luna lovegood glasses & a lion hat, you shall be mine.
three. album art on all my itunes albums.
four. getting a question right on university challenge, especially in the celebrity mugshots round.
five. the thought of a trip away with all of my friends next summer.
six. flight of the conchords
seven. doing a scouse accent all day for no reason at all.
eight. drawing things with oil pastels because i am a child.
nine. vincent van gogh's self portraits.
ten. making fun of the illustrations in physics & chemistry textbooks.
apparently i have to pass this on to ten blogs, but to be frank i actually think it's better when you only give it to one or two, so i'd like to pass this on to kayla hadlington, because she's kind of amazing.
i also have another award from a blackbird in a cherry tree - so thank you very much also!
for this one, i have to sum up my bloggind philosophy in five words;
i write about pretty things.
& pass this on to another blog (actually ten, but you can see above for why that isn't happening), & for that i would like to choose kat from sequin buttons because she is really lovely & finds the most amaaazing things at charity shops.


  1. thankyou charlotte! you're so sweet :3 Your blog is one of my favourites too!
    love kat
    x x x x

  2. AW, I love your list of ten things. It's so much fun to read. Isn't it so fun looking at Album Artwork on Itunes? It makes me so satisfied. Especially when I come across a REALLY REALLY REALLY cool one.

  3. I really enjoy scrolling through your posts! YOu have an amazing blog! check out mine!


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