Tuesday, 29 May 2012


A week or so ago, I found out I won Tori's giveaway for a Lime Crime lipstick! I was really excited because I've never won a giveaway before, and it was such a lovely bit of serendipity as I had been thinking about buying something from Lime Crime for a while! I love Tori's blog & her shop too, and she's a Laura Marling fan like me!
The pretty sparkly unicorn packaging! I am such a sucker for tacky/kitschy things.
The lipstick (and my horribly chipped nails!)
I can't remember whether I was actually wearing any other make up when I took these photos? The lipstick is a lovely shade of lilac and, strangely, it fades to a pretty bright pink if you leave it on for long enough! It was quite odd putting on a non-normal (you know what I mean) shade, but I actually really love it! I'm no beauty blogger so I'll just leave it there in terms of my ~opinions on the lipstick (:
It will be so amazing to wear when I FINALLY dye my hair lilac again! I bought some hair dye online last week & it arrived the other day, so hopefully I will have unicorn hair soon! Going to have to get my mum (ha!) to help me out, so this may take some time.


  1. I saw another post on this lippy the other day and it's awesome! It does really suit you for some unexplicable reason!

  2. I love Lime Crime's lipsticks and this shade looks amazing on you!!!
    I can understand that is an unusual color to wear, but I have to admit that seeing it on other people seems very natural and softer than a red lipstick!
    I'd like to know which kind of products do you use to dye your hair liliac!

    1. Thank you! I'm going to use Directions in Lilac, but I'll probably do a post on it after I do it!

  3. these lips are gorgeous!! XD
    I admire your creativity!!

  4. D'lilac is totally your color!! *.*

  5. I love it! so cute for summer! I most check that shop !


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