Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The butterfly cabinet.

I have been meaning to do a little post with this blouse for a while now, I bought it back in September at a vintage fair and kind of regretted it because it was actually way too big and shaped really weirdly. I had just had a really awkward/uncomfortable run in with someone (the very someone who gave me that necklace, ooh coincidence~) and I guess I was just in one of those I NEED TO EMOTIONALLY HEAL MYSELF WITH MATERIAL GOODS moods, so I bought this on a whim. Anyway, I left it languishing in my wardrobe for ages before deciding to cut the sleeves off, take it in and sew some scalloped hems on it.
Close up of the scalloped hem! This is the good sleeve, the other one is a bit of a mess because the feed dog thing on my sewing machine stopped working halfway through and I didn't notice, woops. I also scallop hemmed the bottom of the shirt too. I accidentally ripped through part of the shirt with a stitch ripper when I was removing the sleeves, so I added these sweet little yellow bears on both sides to disguise the rip! Just a little Meadham Kirchhoff-esque DIY. I think they make the blouse a little more interesting - although they were a total nightmare to sew on as I had to do it by hand! 
I went out today for a friend's birthday, it was so lovely! We went to this amazing little cafe near her house called the Butterfly Cabinet & I had the nicest spicy Korean stir fry ever! The cafe was so cute, it had lots of artwork and old posters and butterflies in display cabinets (which I kind of loved?) all over the walls. I really wish I lived near places like that, fingers crossed I will find some in Sheffield!
Nails from this post.
Blouse - vintage/altered, skirt - Topshop, cardigan - charity shop, necklace - gift, brooch - gift.
I also wore this pale blue cardigan! Which I realise has been in like the last three outfit posts I've done? Oh well, I love it! I originally bought it to do another Meadham Kirchhoff-style DIY (I have a problem okay) with pink teddy trim and yellow pom poms around the neck, but now I think I'm not so sure. I always buy things to alter and then change my mind! What do you think, should I add the teddies?


  1. You look great, Charlotte!

  2. Such a pretty outfit! I love the detail on the blouse :) x


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