Saturday, 26 May 2012

To let everyone down would be my greatest unhappiness

After posting about my Final Show last week, I said I would do another post with the pictures from my photoshoot! There are lots of them, so I have tried to break it down to the best ones.
Embroidered brooches.
Doing the photoshoot was such a fun experience! I really loved the whole day, even though getting there was a bit of a nightmare as we had to switch photographers! Four of us did it on the same day, one friend did the make-up, another did the hair & one friend modelled for another. I did none of this, but I did book the photographer, the model and the studio space!
More pictures after the break;

Ruffle necklace in blues and ruffle earrings in lilac.

Ruffled necklace in pinks and ruffle earrings in blue.
Felt cuff.
Ruffle necklace in pink and cream.

Delicate embroidered collar.
Heavy embroidered collar.

Ruffle collar.
Ruffle collar close up.


  1. some interesting work here girl! i really like the collar. i looked through your blog and it seems as though you are more inspired by sort of whimsical vintagey things as well as lots of pastels and higher fashion things as well judging from the inspirations you have posted, and the dresses you wear but when i look at your creations, i really feel like it has a very lolita feel to it as well. have you thought about looking into the japanese lolita scene for some inspiration as well? i think you would find customers for your creations in this scene as well!

    xx rae

    pop by? follow if you like <3

    1. Thank you! That's so flattering, I really do love the Lolita style!


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