Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Baby face

I have been waiting so, so long to try out these Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop nail wraps! I checked Topshop's website religiously every day when these were about to come out, and then missed them completely and they were totally sold out online (even though I actually asked Topshop HQ over twitter when they would be available, and they said they would tweet when they were on the site, but they didn't! But whatevs, the depths of my bitterness/stalkerism doesn't really need to be elaborated on any further). I was almost ready to pay £12+ on ebay for them, but then my sister saved the day by sending me some in the post, yay! Anyway, the reason I've waited so long to try them out is because I've been working with dye in college so I figured they would just get ruined. But now that I am (almost!) free I am officially trying them out!
(Also, I know my blog is becoming a bit Meadham Kirchhoff-centric at the moment, but I love them & it's my blog so I'm sorry but I'm not sorry)
There are 10 different designs in total, and they are all so cute! Personally, I think the vagina ones are hilarious and I can't wait to try them out.
The process of putting on nail wraps is notoriously difficult (in the blogging world, anyway!) and after a few tries I became (unsurprisingly) rather impatient and gave up with their method. I simply painted my nail with clear varnish and quickly smoothed the wrap over it. It seems to have worked pretty well, although it may be slightly tricky to get off!
My pretty nails!!1! I decided to keep it pretty simple & just use one design per hand. I went for the cute little baby doll face because I think it goes quite well with my blue polish. I am seriously quite worryingly excited to try out the rest of the designs.
I decided to do my other hand slightly differently to make my nails a little more interesting, and so that the nail wraps last a little longer!
I used Collection 2000 in Button Moon and Model's Own Pink Fizz.
I am going to see Simon Amstell live tonight, I am so excited! He is basically the male me. I'm going to see him on my own as well so I'm hoping that I don't do something embarrassing like snort or cry laughing - although let's face it I probably will! Sorry posting has been so slow around here lately, this will all be changing soon hopefully!


  1. I loveee those!

    Have fun tonight xo

  2. they look wonderful! have fun at simon amstell! x

  3. I love Meadham Kirchhoff, so I'm never tired to find something about them in your blog!!
    The nails are spectacular and I love the baby blue nail polish!

  4. so cute!! I love those nail wrap things, I want one now!
    much love
    alexa :)

  5. Your nails are SO lovely! :) I love the way you arranged them - not too overloaded, which makes it just more interesting. ;)


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