Saturday, 2 June 2012

Pressed flowers

Little bit of a shop update/behind the scenes/mixed post today! (Sorry if you follow my jewellery twitter/tumblr as I have posted most of these already there)
Printed photographs from my photo shoot.
I bought these little photo frames in a charity shop recently, and I think they will be perfect for displays some of my photo shoot pictures when I am at craft fairs! I have already painted one lilac, and I can't decide whether to paint the other pale pink or leave it plain.
I also bought this beautiful wooden notebook in the charity shop! You can't really tell too well in this photo, but I'm pretty sure it's handmade as the flowers in the middle are real! It is so pretty.
I'm going to use it to draw out cross stitch designs for the shop, as it has a little pad of squared paper inside! by far one of my most interesting and treasured charity shop buys.
New storage for the earrings!
New earrings that will be making their way into the shop next week hopefully.
I have made a little limited edition collection of my Feminist necklace in red, black, pale blue & pale pink. I am quite excited & pleased about these as I have been wanting to make them in a few more colours for a while now. I am only going to make these four, and they shall be up in the shop by next week too!
1. I am offering free postage in my shop from today until Wednesday with the code JUBILEE! A little treat for the drizzly bank holiday weekend ahead.

2. I am also selling quite a few things on ebay! I have lots more things than this to put up (seriously, like a whole wardrobe full!) but apparently you can only put up 10 things at a time so this is all for now. I have only put up postage to the UK, but if you ask me I would be happy to post outside of the UK!

3. I was supposed to go SlutWalk in Newcastle today, but I decided against it eventually. It's really strange, I was quite looking forward to it, but I went out last night & I was really tired so I didn't think I could really deal with it. I've been feeling a bit regretful about it all day, in some ways I wish I'd gone but I know the movement has come under a lot of criticism for being cissexist & ignoring (or insulting) women of colour, which I didn't really want to associate myself with, obviously. I don't know, I kind of felt like all of this was too complex to deal with so early in the morning - I need to work out how I feel about something first before I shout about it on the streets.


  1. really beautiful photos :D lovely blog :)

  2. Lovely items you made! :) (ghosh, i just wished i had money...) but as soon as you're a star designer and i'm a praised cardiac surgeon, i'll buy your whole collection!

    this slutwalk thing is great! i didn't know there were events like this - it's a shame there aren't more!
    it's a pity you couldn't go (but I understand you... I'm usually planning too much, too, and at the end of the week, I'm a wrack that can barely get out of bed).

  3. Amazing pictures I love the little flower earings :) :) I hope you will follow my blog :)



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