Saturday, 5 November 2011

oh mist rolling in from the sea

happy bonfire night everyone! everyone in britain that is, as i don't think it's celebrated elsewhere.
today i went to a make & mend craft market that was on in newcastle which was really good, although i didn't buy anything because i'm trying to hold onto my funds at the moment. the affordable vintage market was also going on at the same time in another part of the city, but i didn't go to that as it's always a pain having to pay to get in when you don't actually want to buy anything. also last time i went i was really disappointed.
anyway, this is what i wore today;
i've been meaning to post about this skirt for quite a while, but just never really got around to it! i bought it a month or so ago in h&m when i was looking for a plain (as all of my clothing seems to be patterned and loud!), possibly blue button-down skirt and lo and behold there it was! sometimes i feel like it's a little bit short, and as you can see from the photographs it gets so creased so it's an absolute bitch to have to keep ironing, but i really like it! the wide waistband is great too, and it's a slightly looser fit than my other high waisted skirts so i can wear jumpers underneath it, wo0o0o!
i really need to start wearing more jumpers as the cold, dark months are starting to roll in, but i am so crap at dressing weather appropriately! this is one of two jumpers from my wardrobe that i actually wear. to me jumpers just seem to be a bit boring (and don't even get me started on hoodies! *shudders*), but this one has such a lovely collar & knit pattern to it!
jumper - vintage, vest (underneath) - h&m, skirt - h&m, tights - dorothy perkins, headscarf - vintage, earrings - jewellery market.
the one thing that bugs me about this skirt is the buttons, i just think they're a bit tacky & an odd colour against the pale fabric. to be frank, they seem a bit cheap looking for a skirt that cost £14.99.
i've been thinking about changing the buttons for quite some time, as i have some lovely white ones left over from this cardigan but i just haven't got around to it yet!
i really love all the muted colours in this outfit, although sadly i think i'm going to have to throw out these tights as i ripped a huge hole in them near the waistband this morning! they're ladder resistant which i hate because it just means they have no elastic and get holes really easily. it's such a shame as i love the colour - better start scouring shops for a similar coloured pair!
i don't really wear dangly earrings that much these days, i used to wear them a lot when i was fifteen/sixteen so i do have quite a few pairs lying around. for some reason, i don't think they really work with the length my hair is at the moment, also i used to wear them in order to jazz up a dull school uniform, and now that i wear my own clothes every day it all seems a bit much!
however, i bought these (or rather, my mother bought them!) a year or so ago at a country living magazine craft fair, believe it or not! the large stones are moonstone, and are just the most beautiful colour! or colours in fact as they change in the light! the little stones are freshwater pearls and rock crystal.
these earrings were only £10, which i think is astonishing as not only do they contain semi-precious stones, they are handmade & completely unique! a similar pair in somewhere like accessorize or topshop would be pushing £18, and they wouldn't be half as nice as something handmade!
today i did a little bit of charity shopping, unfortunately i didn't find any good clothes but weirdly i did see two people i vaguely knew working there! just a little bit awkward.
i've been really getting into pulp lately on spotify, so i was pretty pleased to find an album of theirs for £3.50!
i also bought a couple of vinyl singles by elvis costello & the attractions, billie holliday & the beatles. i only have elvis costello albums on vinyl, i'm asking for a vinyl to mp3 archiver for christmas/my birthday because i have so many records i want to be able to listen to on the go.
everytime i look through records in a charity shop and see that parlophone symbol my heart always jumps as i think it's going to be the beatles & usually i'm disappointed but today i managed to find a magical mystery tour single (or E, i'm actually not sure what to call it) with i am the walrus and your mother should know - some of my favourite beatles songs! i am the walrus is lyrically beautiful, and quirky & british & just so quintessentially beatles! i also have a major, major soft spot for your mother should know, in fact i was actually listening to it on the bus about an hour before i bought this!
bit of a long post today, hopefully that makes up for my general crapness at updating lately!
edit: my jumper totally matches the colour of my blog background!


  1. thank you for the lovely comment! i adore this outfit, the colours are so incredibly lovely. good charity shop finds!

  2. What a lovely outfit! I love the lavender-y blue from the jumper and then medium blue from the skirt and tights - what a shame about the rip! I hate it when that happens :-(

    I have a similar skirt, but it's a navy blue colour and I got it from Portobello Market for £5! The buttons are gold plastic, all with different things on them. I don't think they'd be very expensive and would look lovely with your skirt :-)

    I love ALL of your lovely charity shop buys too, I'm very jealous as I never seem to be able to find anything that great :-( You have fantastic taste in music too :-)

    Also, I have been wanting a record player for AGES, but never seem to find a good, fully functioning one. Do you have any recommendations or ideas as to where to buy one from? Thank you! :-)

    Chloe xxx

  3. that has to be the sweetest jumper ever x

  4. That's such a cute jumper! I adore this outfit O_O you're so cute!

    Ohh! I've heard about those vinyl to mp3 converters. It's always a pain trying to source my vinyl songs on the internet O_o xxx

  5. Absolutely love your adorable jumper, and the way that you've styled your hair here is -SO pretty!! I've always wanted to try the tied scarf look -adore it!! xo veronika

  6. So sad for the lovely tights! Did you rally throw them away?


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