Sunday, 27 November 2011

our most brilliant friends

today i was selling jewellery at a craft fair in newcastle! it was really lovely, my stall looked pretty good & i got to catch up with a few friends i haven't seen in a while. the market was a little quieter than i had hoped (much quieter in fact) so i didn't make quite as many sales as i would've liked to. it was still such a good experience though, and i'm actually thinking about doing another one in the same venue next saturday! it should be a bit busier hopefully, and it's only £5 for a stall so it's worth it i think!
there's also another one for "emerging designers" on the 18th of december in heaton perk, which is a cafe that also sells art & books. it might be a bit short notice for me to get onto that, but i'm still going to try!
this is what my stall looked like today;
sorry the photos aren't great quality, i only took my little camera & it was a little low on battery!
hopefully i can get my hands on a cake stand to display some of my jewellery on for next time.
me behind the stall putting business cards in paper bags! i made all my business cards yesterday, and i'm so glad i did because i've been putting it off for sooo long, and quite a few people took them so it was all worthwhile!
it was quite stressful putting all the jewellery out, as everything was tangled in the boxes & i wasn't quite sure where i was putting everything! in the end, i didn't put all of my stock out, but i still had quite a lot on display! it's a little strange to see everything all at once, because normally it's all tucked away in drawers. the next few i'm doing should be a bit less stressful, as i kind of know the drill & i know how long it takes setting up. i actually managed to finish setting up a little early, which was good as it meant i could relax quite a bit before people starting coming in!
some new jewellery i ~unveiled~ at the craft fair! domino necklaces & dalmatian domino necklaces. i love the little dalmatians, i think they're so cute! these pieces will hopefully be up in my etsy shop within the next two weeks, depending on how much time i have outside of college!


  1. totally need one of those dalmatians for a friend, can't wait to see them up!


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