Tuesday, 15 November 2011

oh, and that gun would turn before the sun starts to burn, understand.

hello! firstly i'd like to say i'm so sorry i haven't been posting quite as regularly as i used to. i
've been so busy lately sorting out my ucas form & personal statement (as well as trying to keep up with textiles work!) that i really haven't had the time to do anything very interesting, let alone blog about it!
i've finished my personal statement, and just need to edit it down by about 300 characters (oh god) before hopefully sending it off on friday! i've decided to do english literature and my five choices are durham, edinburgh, york, sheffield and east anglia.
i've also been writing my CV (which you might know if you follow me on twitter!) , and i've just applied to work at the new urban outfitters which is opening in newcastle. i really hope i get the job as i could do with the money, and i love urban outfitters so much!
last sunday, i went to a vintage fair at the royal station hotel with my mum. this was a bit different to the vintage fair i've talked about before, as this one is exclusive to newcastle and was organised by one of my favourite local artists, mandy pattullo! i think the quality was much better than any fair i've ever been to before, and you could tell almost every piece was proper vintage. unfortunately, the prices reflected that so i couldn't really afford much!
however, i did buy this brooch! i bought it with a tie for £20 (eek) because my mum knew the stall owners & managed to get me a bit of a discount!
the brooch is quite kitsch and glitzy, some may say gaudy but personally i love that kind of thing!
the stones normally look clear, or slightly opaque, but they change colour in the light! i took these with flash on, so the effect is a bit more than it would normally be.

i haven't worn this yet, as it's a little bit heavy & i can't quite decide what to pair it with. i've been think about threading it on a chain and wearing it as a necklace if it's too heavy for any of my blouses.
my jewellery tumblr has been a little bit quiet of late as i've been so busy, but i've decided to do a new feature, or a "shop spotlight" if you will, on a shop i've been loving on etsy every week or so to freshen it up a little!
this is the first one, and i've taken a bit of inspiration from the colours in my brooch for this ring from astral eye.
isn't it lovely? i just adore quartz and natural stone jewellery, although unfortunately i don't actually have any!
see the original post here (:
that's all for now, hopefully i will post in a few days or so (after i've sent my ucas off!)

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  1. good luck with your ucas! I think i've blocked out all that trauma. And that is a beautiful brooch, the colours are truly mesmerizing.

    keep posting - i always love coming back to your blog.



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