Monday, 31 October 2011

jump in the line, rock your body in time

hiyaaa! long time no post, but my life has been well boring & uneventful lately, and i felt no need to burden you with my dull, dull ramblings. i did, however, decide that i will be doing english literature at university. only a year late in deciding, thanks brain!!1!
anyway, couldn't resist doing a hallowe'en related post today, as it totally is one of my favourite holidays. i don't actually have any plans for tonight apart from watching beetlejuice (ps. those who recognise the post title, i love you forever) and eating enough gummy sweets to reverse the effects of all the good flossing i've been doing lately, but i did wear a hallowe'en-themed outfit to college today!
(i know that this skirt featured in the last outfit post i put on here for you guys, but hey, i really like it)
cardigan - h&m, skirt - miss selfridge, blouse - car boot sale (miss selfridge), tights - mother's, shoes - new look, necklace - made by me & available here.
flash & blurred pictures used for full creep mode.
me doing my best ~teen witch vibes~ pose.
being a creep, as per. (it really irritates me that my necklace isn't on straight in this shot)
this skirt is fast becoming one of  my favourite pieces in my wardrobe to style. it makes me feel very florence-welch-pre-raphaelite-y & all amazonian all at the same time. plus, i think it goes with loads of different colours - including black & turquoise which i wore it with today.
someone at college also told me i really suit black, which seems completely bizarre to me as it feels like such a non colour for me to wear!

close up of my bat necklace! i made these for halloween to put in the shop, & my friend matthew bought one the other day!
felt like i had to get my nails in there somewhere, even though you can hardly see them here! they've faded to this awesome turquoise colour with flecks of silver.
sorry for doing the obligatory cutesy girl pose with one claw hand btw, i actually want to vom just looking at myself like this, paha. a certain mean girls quote springs to mind.
being hilarious on webcam with my bat necklace. lol @ myself & my completely un-lucid state of mind. (i'm sure there's an actual word that means the opposite of lucid, but i really can't think of it right now!)
anyway, happy halloween y feliz día de los muertos para mañana!
(lo siento, estoy convencida de que eso no es correcto! y esto tambien)


  1. super cute outfit! i love all of the sheer fabric and that skirt is so great! have a good halloween!!

  2. Love this outfit! I need that skirt.


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