Wednesday, 31 August 2011

ouija board, ouija board

hello there everyone, i hope you're all having a smashing wednesday! mine has been pretty good, college was kind of cool because i got to know a few people better & we were only in until ten! although truth be told i had been there since quarter past eight because i had to go and hang my project up on the wall for nine, sigh.
this is my final piece for the fine art rotation. our title was "abracadabra", ie it was all about magic etcetera so i decided, creep that i am, i would look at ouija boards & specifically the movement of hands over the board. i took some long exposure photographs of my hands & then tried to draw them over a secondary image of a ouija board. the final piece is in oil pastel washed over with black & brown watercolour - which i used so that the white oil pastel (which i used for the blurring) would show through as ~spirits~ moving the hands!
anyway, i thought i would also show you a tshirt i bought last week from ebay! it was only 50p (although £2 postage, grrr), and i originally bought it to make a diy band tshirt by printing a picture of the smiths or joy division over it (i had a bit of a vision of the unknown pleasures artwork over a pale floral fabric, and i can't get it out of my head), but i'm not sure now as i quite like the way the shirt looks on its own.
it has quite a cute hibiscus-y floral pattern, and i love the pale turquoise background colour!
it's a size 12/14, so it has quite low arm holes, but i actually think it falls in a really nice way! the only problem is i don't really have anything i can wear with it on the bottom half, i think i need to stop buying shirts for a while & buy some plain skirts/shorts. i don't have to wear a uniform to college so choosing clothes, unfortunately, has become a bit of a hassle at six thirty in the morning!
it also has some lovely blue toucan (i think) illustrations, which i adore!
i've been taking advantage of my afternoon off from college by putting some more new jewellery up in the shop (after having a good sit down in front of the telly, of course) which is all alice in wonderland themed, so have a look if you'd like! i'm going to put a few more pieces up at the weekend too, which i might post about nearer the time!


  1. Wow, that Ouija is impressive! You're really talented at art! x

  2. Love the Ouija, I think you chose an awesome subject! And it's good to hear you've made friends at college, it makes it soooo much easier :)


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