Friday, 5 August 2011

submarines & shop updates

i've uploaded a few new items in the shop, so i thought i'd post an update on here!
i'm not really sure where this pendant is from, but i seem to recall buying it at some vintage fair ages ago.
earrings made from individual pieces of a disney princess jigsaw.
a necklace with a gumball style charm of a girl with a lilac bow.
i love this necklace! i think the charm is so cute & quirky.
a slightly mystic-looking plastic moonstone pendant.
i also bought this pendant at a vintage fair! it's pretty cute & has a really lovely iridescent sheen.
i'm going away in a week's time, so i'm going to put up a discount code for while i'm away - but more on that later!
i haven't really got much news to share here i'm afraid, i'm just really busy with my art project right now. i went shopping on wednesday & finally bought submarine on dvd as i really loved the book (seriously, it's frigging hilarious!) but i haven't even had time to watch it yet! i've heard the soundtrack is good too so i might buy that after watching the film.
i can't remember if i said on here (i probably did) but i recently had some surgery on my foot & i had the bandages taken off yesterday. now i can have an actual shower instead of awkwardly sitting in the bath with both feet out the water! i still have to wear plasters & i was very childishly thrilled to see that one of them has a camel on it!
to explain, back in like year 10 & 11 my friends & i used to have a bit of an obsession with camels. i can't really explain why, just that we thought they were pretty awesome animals! i think it all started when we started buying funny animal cards for each other for our birthdays, & camels were the animal of choice. anyway, this made me feel all nostalgic & everything, and it's actually one of those friend's birthdays today, so happy birthday jess!
edit: etsy seems to be down at the minute, so the links might not work for you right away.
edit: yeah, it's working again now so just ignore that!

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  1. Ah, thanks for sharing all these goodies! They are wayyyy adorable.

    And ah, your bandage is soooo cute. They make "ouchies" fun! Haha.

    And you have to post your art project up when it's don!


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