Saturday, 3 September 2011


this week on my college course, i've been doing photography! the brief is traces, ie. the marks/traces people or objects leave behind. on friday, we were given about 4 hours to wander round newcastle and take photographs for the project. i walked around on my own, and i'm pretty pleased with the pictures i managed to get! here are some of my favourites;
a crack in a wall near the college.
a piece of blue twine tied around a fence with peeling paint.
a piece of day-glo knitting wrapped around a tree.
(this is part of an art exhibition that was on a few years ago, it was called "guerrilla knitting" or something. i went looking for these as i think they're beautiful, and i thought they'd be perfect for the project. the exhibition might have something to do with feminism or not, i don't know, but i thought it might because of the whole guerrilla girls thing.)
some empty milk packets on a roadside bench.
another piece of guerrilla knitting, this time wrapped around a traffic light pole.
(i got given a few funny looks for this, as it was right in the middle of a busy crossing)
a faded, peeling best vintage advert sellotaped to a wheelie bin.
a deflated, wrinkled pizza express balloon and a burnt out match.
a wet napkin next to a flower pot.
(this is one of  my favourites, i just like the way the yellow napkin matches the yellow flowers)
a bright pink child's shoe on a double yellow line.
(this was quite an opportunistic shot, i was walking back up from the college courtyard as i knew there were some more pieces of knitting down there, and i just saw this lying on the ground. i think this is another of my favourites as i just love the colours in it.)
i hope i haven't overloaded you with pictures! i actually really enjoyed taking these, the photography rotation has been really fun - and a welcome relief from the trials and tribulations of fine art.
also, i've listed a few pin up girl brooches (including this one) in the shop! i really love 1940s/50s pin up girl style and i'm so pleased i found these to make into brooches, they are so lovely!
i've also been thinking (as anyone who follows either my personal or jewellery twitter might know) about getting a stall for one of my local vintage/craft fairs to sell jewellery at, what do you think? i'd love to give it a go, i'm just worried about costs and things.


  1. I love these photos, they're really good Charlotte! I like the first and the last ones best x

  2. Love all of these! I think you'd be great at a stall. x hivenn

  3. Awww these photos are so great! I especially love the one with the blue twine :) I have a similar project going on for my colour theory class...

    Also, I ADORE the brooches! Hmm hmm hmmm I can't choose my favourite....


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