Monday, 22 August 2011

first day

this post is going to be a bit of a mish mash, i have a lot of things that i want to talk about so i just want to get it all down! i feel like i've done like no good posts recently, but i've just had so much on.
a level results
last thursday (as i imagine a lot of you will know!) was a level results day, a pretty scary day! i wasn't actually that nervous until the night before & the morning of the actual day, mainly because i knew i had a guaranteed place on my art foundation course so i didn't need specific grades to get into a university. most of my friends got what they needed (and very proud of them i am! yoda alert), but unfortunately some didn't so i have my fingers crossed that they sort it out! i was very (pleasantly!) surprised by my results, so surprised in fact i didn't believe my friend who pointed out which were my overall grades in the very confusing list we were given! i got an A in spanish, and A*s in art, english literature & general studies, which i am really very very pleased with!
one of the teachers asked me what my results were, & then led me off to go & get my picture taken for the paper. this was pretty weird, & i didn't actually register what was going on until i'd left, the next day my picture was on the front cover of a local paper, cringe.
awkward left arm, good god.
i felt fine about this, until i started seeing snarky posts on twitter about how according to the front page of newspapers, the only people who do well in their a levels are "blonde twins and pretty girls in low cut tops" & people starting posting about this tumblr. then i started to get a weird feeling about how there was only one boy in the photo with five girls, and how the photographers had us stood above themselves on raised steps. i started thinking about a passage in caitlin moran's book about modern sexism, where she talks about not even realising you've been subject to sexism until you start to think it over alone.
i started to get really annoyed with myself that this didn't occur to me, and that i should've stepped back & said no to the photgraphs, but then i read this article, which was really interesting & opened my eyes to the other side of the feminist debate.
i've been totally swamped with work for the summer project for college over the last few days, it's been getting me down a bit because there's just so much! today was my first day, and we're the first course in school because everyone else starts in september. i was a bit gutted about cutting my summer short by about two weeks at first, but now i'm there i think it'll be much better to get to know my way around before it gets really busy!
my passport photo for the college records.
this first day was a bit weird because we didn't really do anything except finish enrolling & get talked at constantly about THE IMPORTANCE OF HARDWORK and TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN LEARNING, which was all a bit draining! the hours are 9 to 4, we get tuesdays off for home study & have wednesday afternoons completely free, which is pretty great! i am really looking forward to the course now, my first rotation is fine art and we're going to learn a little more about our project brief tomorrow.
my brand-spanking-new college id card, which we have to wear "at all times while on campus", wahey.
i was a bit gutted that the three other people that i know are all in one class together, and i'm in one on my own, but it's actually alright because there are a few nice people in my class that i'm getting to know.
anyway, that's it for now! i'm going to try & post at the weekend about my holiday, & about some new jewellery i'm putting up on the site (which i'm off to make now!), but i'll see how the work goes!


  1. Well done Charlotte, those grades are amazing! I hope you enjoy your college course, it sounds good! x

  2. Congrats on those grades, you done so so well! And I hope you have fun on your college course, one of my friends is actually on the same course as I you! She started today too!


  3. wow, congratulations on the grades! you did so well! you've started so early but you're right, you'll be glad when in a few weeks every body comes in and doesn't know where to go. hope you enjoy your course :) xxx

  4. Gah, sounds like you've had a crazy/ exciting past few days and upcoming days and yyyeahhh! Congrats on your brand new college card! And your grades, of course!

  5. Oh, well done! You did amazing! I was asked to be photographed on my A-levels day but after 3 failed photos they politely asked me to move out frame. Still hurts, sniff. Your course sounds very interesting as well, I look forward to reading about it.



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