Saturday, 27 August 2011

tears dry on their own.

hello! on wednesday (when i had a free-ish day from college) i had a wander around a few of the charity shops in newcastle, and i found a very cute blouse which i will show you now!
the label says XXL so it's a little on the er, large side but it has the loveliest embroidery on the front and the collar! it doesn't really show up on this picture, but there's a handy close-up below (:
it has majorly adorable pearl buttons as well, although i don't really know why they're on the collar too, as it seems somewhat ridiculous to me. all i'm saying is, i've tried buttoning it up & laughed for about an hour at the results. i don't think i'll be trying that out on the general public any time soon.
blouse - charity shop, skirt - homemade, necklace - car boot sale.
i decided to wear the blouse with the pink lace skirt i made a while ago, only looking at the pictures now i think it all looks a little bit twee. i think the blouse would actually go really well with a pair of slightly high waisted pale denim shorts. in fact, i've been searching on ebay endlessly over the last two days searching for the ideal pair, but to no avail! i'd better start scouring those charity shops.
college is difficult. it's really hard work, & we have to work on huge scale. like, A2 size paper for experimenting & sketches. ugh, totally not used to this. also, the fine art tutor thinks i'm an idiot & really doesn't seem to like my work. but hey ho! no more fine art for me after wednesday, thank god. scratching that one off the potential university courses list. i think the problem is (and without being massively big headed here), i'm used to being a big fish in a relatively small pond, and now i'm a little fish in a really rather talented pond. which isn't very fun.
anyway, hopefully this will all be better by next week when i'm doing photography.
i've added a few new items to the shop, if you'd like to have a look just click here! i've got a few more things i want to put up, and as i'm completely free wednesday afternoon i think i'll do it then.
until next time, thanks for reading!
ps. the post title is currently my favourite song to listen to on the bus ride home. especially yesterday, when i actually did feel like crying.


  1. Fingers crossed that college gets better! Love the blouse, it's very you! :] x

  2. You look stunning

    I hope college gets easier x

  3. I'm sorry to hear that college isn't going all that great right now, but please don't let other peoples work intimidate you, that is not good for the creative process at all! Hope everything gets better and that you settle in, I know it is hard to be that little fish in the huge pond but you'll find your place in no time :)


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