Thursday, 11 August 2011


i've been working on my college project for the last few weeks, and i thought i would show you a few things that i have done! it's taken me quite a while to get some motivation for this project, just because i've kind of been doubting myself & it's actually a lot harder than it seems to work without the direction and - would you believe! - criticism of my art teachers.
pencil self portrait & collage.
the project is called "who are you?", cringey title alert. it seems to be the classic getting-to-know-each-other introductory project, which just makes me majorly uncomfortable because i haven't got a clue what they expect of me.
pencil & blue watercolour portrait of john lennon & photoshop self portrait
i've done quite a few studies, but i've been most interested in drawing some of my idols, because i think that who we admire says quite a lot about us. and yes, john lennon is a total cliche but i do love the man.
the painting is much bluer in person! for some reason it hasn't quite come out right in the photograph!
pencil drawing of caitlin moran with chalk pastel hair.
i'm planning to do a self portrait similar to this for my final piece, although i have quite a bit to do before getting to that stage. wish me luck for college, it starts in 11 days, eek!


  1. these drawings are all so good! xx

  2. These are great, the portrait really looks like you!!


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