Friday, 21 January 2011

hand in glove

for christmas, my sister bought me the most beautiful pair of driving gloves. they were pretty adorable; 1940s style in purple suede with a sweet little bow on the back of the hand. sadly, my silly little hands are not so little & would not fit inside! alas & alack i was quite heartbroken, & although we looked for a larger pair they all seemed to have disappeared in the winter sales (except, rather gallingly, for a pair in the same size i already had). my sister took them back & bought me a dress instead - which i shall hopefully debut here in the next week or so! - and i thought all was lost for those lovely gloves.
*tension builds to a crescendo*
or at least that was what i thought until on a whim i decided to peruse ebay last week & found a pair in my size! they were a fairly reasonable price so i went for it, so tada!
they are so sweet! i apologise for the discrepancy in photograph type (flash vs non flash), but i can't work out how to do macro shots without flash on. (clearly revealing myself as a non-slr-deserving photography novice here, aren't i?)

anyway, yes, close up of the bow alert! the colour is a bit darker than this in real life.
as i think i've mentioned before, mother is teaching me about sewing & clothes making, and when we were buying the fabric for the skirt i made i spotted some amazingly cute paddington bear fabric!

i want to make a pair of high waisted buttoned shorts from this, and i have some anchor buttons that i think would look lovely! depending on work & other things i'd like to get them made for before i go on the london trip at half term
i could put a really tired speech about being sorry about not posting because of coursework deadlines & driving lessons & lack of inspiration, but y'all have heard it all before so i'll avoid it. slightly contradictory that.


  1. Those little gloves are so lovely, driving gloves are such a nice, decadent idea!
    Can't wait to see the shorts you'll make out of that adorable Paddington Bear fabric ;D

  2. That paddington fabric is immense! Love it x

  3. Wow! These gloves are adorable... I want one pair too! How much did they cost?


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