Saturday, 29 January 2011

i need a job, so i want to be a paperback writer

this is just going to be a quick post today, as i really can't think of much to say that wouldn't consist of incoherent rambling. hopefully i will have more to say later in the week.
a while ago (possibly for my last birthday), my mum bought me a voucher for a website which lets you customise a pair of shoes online by using different colours and/or adding pictures.
it took me a while to get round to designing my pair, as i was pretty unsure of what i wanted them to look like. in the end, i settled on a beatles picture. big surprise i know, but how could i not?
the shoes themselves look quite similar to converses & they are pretty comfy, only i need to buy some longer laces because i can barely fit the shoes on as the laces they have now make them too tight.
i left the rest of the shoes white because i wanted to be able to write things on them, although the material is a little tougher than i thought so i may have to sew onto them - challenge & a half.

i haven't worn these out yet, as i'm quite unsure what to put them with. i may take them on the art trip to london, as i need some comfortable shoes for walking (and because i have flat feet this is often difficult).
possibly one of my favourite pictures of the beatles, they were just so cute in the early years!
i have had this blog for about two years now, & i think it's gone through quite a few changes, both in subject matter & in appearance. i feel like my confidence has grown slightly, both on this blog and in real life. i love writing & documenting my thoughts on here, but sometimes i feel it's slightly lacking. so, i was wondering if i could ask you, my darling followers, the kind of things you enjoy reading about on here & if you have any suggestions for  me to improve or enhance the content.
what do you like to read? or, what would you like to see more of?
  • outfit posts
  • recent purchases (jewellery, clothing, other things)
  • artwork and other projects (like dressmaking or jewellery i have made)
  • text posts about my life
  • inspiration (about clothing, artwork, or people i find inspirational)
  • music i love
  • photographs from parties, holidays, trips or gatherings with friends
  • other things (if you could specify, that would be lovely)

if you would make your thoughts known in the comments, that would be greatly appreciated. if you don't wish to, that is perfectly fine & i am sorry if you find this irritating, i honestly just don't want to get stuck in a rut.
obviously i intend to keep the content as honest as possible, so if there are things suggested that i just don't think are "me", i won't write about them as i don't want anything here to be false and untrue to who i am.
hopefully this exercise will bring me inspiration, and possibly more energy for thoughts from another kook, as often i am put off from posting things in case people will find them dull.
yours sincerely, the humble writer.


  1. I'm thinking that all of the above suggestions are good :} Love the shoes btw x

  2. These shoes are the coolest things ever.
    I love all your posts, but especially outfit posts :) x

  3. Charlotte,

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  4. Hello Charlotte! Your shoes look amazing... If only I could create my own ones! Well, as for the blog, I would choose more outfit posts and inspiration! ;)


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