Saturday, 15 January 2011

i'm only sleeping

everybody seems to think i'm lazy, i don't mind, i think they're crazy,
running everywhere at such a speed, 'til they find, there's no need.
please don't spoil my day, i'm miles away, and after all i'm only sleeping.
i have a lot of love for this song today, the lyrics always seem to strike a chord with me but today they seem especially relevant. today i feel an overwhelming urge to sleep for a long, long, long time (hands up if you spotted the beatles reference) and not have to worry about the consequences. today i just want to be lazy without feeling guilty.
for christmas this year i was given a new look voucher, with which i have bought a pair of shorts. not really in keeping with this wintry weather, but i've never been one to conform to seasonal clothing stereotypes. i have a strange hatred for wearing trousers & shorts are about as close as i can get.
i've been feeling a bit exasperated today (with myself, with others, with several chain stores), so i felt i would pair the shorts with my favourite beatles tshirt, as i always turn to the music of the beatles for solace.
i feel extremely british in this outfit, must be the bowler hat and the british invasion colours.
a closer look at the pattern on the shorts, blue & red cherries with navy blue or black (i literally cannot tell) polka dots;
tshirt - gift, shorts - new look, hat - topshop
the school art trip to london is in about a month's time (and two weeks after my birthday), so i am trying to plan what to wear for the trip. it has to be practical, durable, warm & easy to pack. i highly doubt i will keep to any of that criteria.


  1. Love those shorts, that pattern is lovely and the whole British Invasion vibe is really fun!
    I have the same fear of shorts, so skorts like these are as close as I can get :P

  2. I love your shorts.
    Oh, I love the lyrics. Have a lovely night.


  3. love your blog, just new follower, do you want to follow my blog?

    the shorts is cool

  4. those shorts are amazing! I've been eyeing them online x


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