Wednesday, 26 January 2011

thursday night your stockings needed mending

today i decided to match my accessories to that of my ghost necklace. the housewife look appears to be my default setting (slightly odd seeing as i'm a pretty ardent feminist), so why not copy from a true master?

this is irene, the ironing ghost trinket i got from a kinder egg about 10 or so years ago. i think she's pretty damn stylish, although it was perfectly by chance that i managed to copy her headscarf today! pink & spotty, i like it irene.
here is my headscarf seen a bit more clearly! (:
please excuse the ramshackle hair beneath it, the bow was redone many times today inbetween hysterical laughing fits & impromptu stretching sessions at the back of spanish class (i have a really bad back at the minute, okay).
these blurred background shots didn't quite work out as i'd hoped, but i still quite like the effect.
it's my birthday next friday, crikey.


the wrote and the writ.