Wednesday, 21 July 2010

curiouser & curiouser

my shoes for my auntie's wedding arrived today! (along with some really old music magazines about the beatles, but i won't bore you with my old man tastes!) they were from peacocks, which is actually a really nice place & still pretty cheap - my shoes were only £16 & they were pretty much exactly what i was looking for. yeah, suck it topshop!
i think they'll go nicely with my dress, as i don't want everything to be too matchy-matchy.

the only thing i might change is the little ribbon tie, as i'd quite like something in blue (no pun intended) to go with the dress.

now for the more exciting part of this post, to be revealed after the jump break! oh, the tension.

today's goings on, all to be revealed at a later date (:


  1. Oh. I'm completely jealous. of those shoes.

  2. Those shoes are beyond amazing! And darn you and teasers, whatever's going on looks very interesting :)

  3. love them shoes!
    given you an award on my blog charlotte :-)

  4. ooohhh im excited :D
    those shoes are lovely!! i love the pastel colour :)

  5. Nice shoes, I want to see them with the dress now, I'm sure it'll look great :) x

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  7. oh wow - they are pure love :)


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