Sunday, 4 July 2010

making banana pancakes, pretend like it's the weekend

this wednesday, my father, brother & i caught the train to london to go see jack johnson at the o2. it really was one of the best concerts i've ever been to, the atmosphere was brilliant & he is just amazing live.
one of my favourite moments was when he forgot the verse to one of his songs, & did the intro to foxy lady by jimi hendrix! i actually squealed at this point, & my brother looked at me in bewilderment.
most of my photos turned out pretty badly, as the night setting on my camera couldn't handle the gig lighting. i do like this one though (:
the screen behind him was really cool, it kept collaging pictures from the crowd & from different angles on the stage. when he played songs from different albums, the background of the screen changed to suit the colours of the album cover - like when he played songs from inbetween dreams the background was yellow with shadows of trees. i thought that was a really cute idea.
he was really lovely to his band as well, they played a song written by the keyboardist, and another surprise was when they were doing a little jam after one of the songs & the guitarist (the guy on the left) burst into a rap!
there was also the cutest little bit when he dedicated songs to his wife, his mother & father and his baby daughter (9 months old, awww!), so unbelievably sweet!
"i wrote this song for my brand new daughter. she just learned to make fart noises with her mouth, now she's got two older brothers who are encouraging her to make those noises. by the way, she's only nine months old, so those noises are still pretty amazing."
but if you were thinking that's the last of the surprises, you would be mistaken my friend! at the start of the acoustic encore, he said;
"i'd like to bring a friend of mine out here, i didn't even know here was here tonight, here he is."
then out comes ben stiller! air guitaring away while jaws were dropping.
(that is supposed to be a photograph of ben stiller, but it is ludicrously blurry. sorry)
of course, i bought a tshirt.
it's quite cute, it features little drawings of all the instruments used in his show - including an accordion, a ukelele (one of which i am desperate to own) & that weird keyboard-flute-organ thing.
i love the white, turquoise & orange colours.
inside the neck of the shirt, there's a little note saying that this tshirt is made from organice cotton & printed with water-based inks courtesy of jack johnson's all at once eco-friendly organisation. it also says that all of the profits from this tour are going towards this charity. seriously, could this guy be any more lovely?

i think it goes pretty well with my sequinned jacket (and possibly my white ruffle skirt, but that was in the wash), & let's face it i need to start wearing this beauty more.

the only thing wrong with this shirt is that it's a tad, er, low cut for me. and i'm not really one for gratuitous cleavage shots, thank you very much =S
it really was such a good show, i even saw my father tapping along to it! (which would be a pretty big deal if you knew my father) i love jack johnson's music so much, the lyrics to his songs kind of represent everything i want in life, if that isn't too corny a thing to say.


  1. You have no idea how jealous I am! Jack Johnson (who I admit, I only know about two songs but I love them to death) and a surprise appearance from Ben Stiller?! You're one lucky gal. And the shirt is adorable too.

  2. jack johnson. i hate you. envy. envy. envy.


  3. Jealous to the max! Loving the tee too <3


  4. Oh wwwow.
    I am SO jealous.
    owh =[

    OH AND
    I've awarded you something yummy, check yourself out on my list:

  5. Congrats, you've won my blog award, check on here to view more :D



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