Saturday, 24 July 2010

oh, you pretty things

i shall reveal the oh-so-mysteriousness of my last post soon, but for now i will just crank up the suspense. well, actually i still need to find & arrange all of the photos, but feel free to stay on the edge of your seat.
firstly, i'd like to say thank you to amber for passing on an award to me recently. it involves taking pictures of various favourite things, & sadly my camera is currently out of charge so i will take the pictures & put them up later in the week!
i've bought quite a few things in the past week, but i keep forgetting to post about them! as i said before, my camera is asleep so you'll have to make do with pictures from my rubbish quality (yet newly discovered) webcam.

last weekend at barter books, i bought the shawshank redemption for only £3.60! i realised after i took the picture that you can't see the title, but you can see morgan freeman's beautiful face so it's not all bad.
say hello to the dire straits first album!

it says hello back, but in a very moody, guitar-filled angsty way. this was also a purchase from barter books, i think it was about £4.60. i haven't played it yet but i do know all the songs.

today i went shopping with mother for various things, & bought a fair bit more than i probably should have done, as per usual! these tights were only £2 each, i love the grey flowery-lacey ones & i've been after some dotty ones for a while & i think these nude ones will suit me better than the black kind.
please excuse my ridiculous face.
i managed to find some ribbon for my shoes which is almost exactly the same colour as my dress, yay!
i also made mother wander round hmv for a bit while i decided which cds to get out of their 2 for £10 offer. (this offer, by the way, is an absolute godsend for me as i've made it one of my summer missions to actually buy more music instead of downloading it) i actually wanted to buy some beatles cds, as for some reason my itunes has deleted half of each song, & when i say half i don't mean half of the songs have gone, half of each of the songs has disappeared. i actually despise itunes sometimes.
anyway, i bought the sound of the smiths & the best of bowie instead. i love bowie & have mainly been listening to my records of his at the moment, i thought it was about time i had some songs on my ipod!
also, finally i managed to get my hands on these books! i've been wanting to read the great gatsby for so long, the same with anna karenina. i love sylvia plath too, her poetry is so bleak but beautiful.


  1. dire straits <3
    Can't wait for the surprise!!! :) x

  2. Oh my, the facial expressions you make are adorable :) Lucky you, all those awesome buys.

  3. I've given you an award, check it out at:



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