Saturday, 3 October 2009

new artyness

i went to an art show today with my friend joanna which was pretty good.
i really wanted to buy something but it was all unbelieeeevably out of my price range.
i picked up a LOT of leaflets though & discovered a hell of a lot of good local artists.
these are my two favourites:

knave of hearts

noughts & crosses
by amanda rabey


yellow brick road
by lara jade
i wish i could own some prints like these, they are simply beautiful.
i picked up a couple of amanda rabey business cards which are like little strips of her pictures.
when i get a spare chance i may turn them into pendants.
i've had no time at all to make any jewellery, it's actually seriously getting on my nerves!
after the art fair, we went to a little flea market thing in town which was actually a lot smaller than we thought it was going to be - there were only about 5 stalls.
i did manage to buy a cute little clutch bag though, it's yellow with a white anchor pattern, from my mum's friend who makes jewellery & other stuff. her name's emily & she's pretty nice, you can find her stuff here. the bag hasn't got any straps so i might make my own out of pearls & ribbon, or something along those lines anyway.
the last vintage fair we went to, i managed to buy some stuff from here without even realising who she was. see, that proves i'm not just plugging her website cause i know her!
i may post a picture of the bag at a later date, but my camera has totally weirded out on me at the moment so i need to get it seen to.

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