Thursday, 22 October 2009

could somebody pass the rum?

at my school today we had pirate day in rememberance for a girl who died a couple of months ago & also to raise money for a charity - the wilkinson trust, which was set up in her name.
it took me rather a long time to decide what to wear as nothing in my wardrobe is all that piratey, seeing as i don't own any boots or red/black clothes or hoop earrings or anything that is usually associated with pirates really.
in the end i decided to dress in a pirate inspired outfit, which i think kind of worked.
i must say i felt very swash buckle-y in this shirt.
my look today was described by several people as a pirate on LSD, a pirate who took a road trip through the 80s, a stylish pirate, a gypsy, a pirate at a roller disco, a jazzed up 40s housewife, and the least piratey looking pirate anyone has ever seen.
i took this one accidentally because i forgot to put the timer on.
i kind of like the billowing effect though, sort of like standing on the deck of a pirate ship in the high seas.
or not.
had to get the socks in there too!

pink & white striped shirt (you can't see the stripes on the photo) - primark, £10
spotty anchor vest - h&m, i think it was about £5ish
skirt - topshop sale, £10
awesome multicoloured scarf - spanish market, about £1.50
pearls - h&m kids department, £2
opal necklace which you can't really see - car boot sale, 50p
knee high socks - some hosiery shop, £2

to get into the swing of things jewellerywise, i made this earring (yup, singular, pirates only ever wear one see?) out of a necklace & an old chain i had lying around.


the wrote and the writ.