Sunday, 11 October 2009

necklaces, badges, buttons, oh my!

oh boy, have i been on auto-spending pilot today.

this morning in an art supplies shop, i bought some buttons to use in my school art project (which is basically to make textured printing boards) or for other crafty things i do. i admit they don't look that exciting, but i chose most of them cause they've got cool things written on them, such as the realm, forever 21, bebop, betty (that button also has tiny little flowers on it), sachs and jack & jones.

i also bought some hair clips for my mum for her birthday. i was a bit stumped for what to get her because she has very individual taste which is very different to mine, but i remembered she wanted some "plain but bright" things to put in her hair - which i have to say is inspiration from the flower i wear in my hair sometimes.
like mother like daughter? i do believe so.

next, i went to a vintage fair with my friend, where we got these kind of cool stamp things on our hands to prove we'd paid to get in.
it was quite cute before the ink spread everywhere.

one of the first stalls i saw belonged to my mum's friend from dolls & molls who i have to say makes some absolutely lovely jewellery.
this is the necklace i bought from her, in my opinion it is rather sweet. i also think it has triggered a bit of a bird obsession in me.
i was going to ask if i could do some work experience but i forgot/chickened out =S

the next stall we went to had some amazingly awesome stuff for only 50p each, i managed to pick up all this lot for only £2.50.
my favourites are the tiny little heart pendant in the top right & the big wooden heart brooch.

i got these beads from the same stall, they remind me of the kind of jewellery my grandma used to wear.
i haven't decided quite what i'll do with it yet, either wear it as it is or use the beads from it for something else.
this stall (which we spent most of our time looking at) also had some rather cheap & pretty cool old photos. most of them were from old family albums from the 1940s to about the 1970s, these are the ones i thought were pretty cute:

an old street somewhere, is it just me or do the buildings kind of look like they're melting into each other?

i love this one of a bird on some wooden structure thing, but the photo i took really doesn't do it justice.

this place looks so peaceful.

it's weird to think that photo was taken over 48 years ago.

i have waaaaay too many badges, but i just could not resist these unusual beauties.
i really want an old-fashioned clock pendant, this seemed the next best option.

this is the bag i bought last week, isn't it just darling?
i haven't used it yet because i can't decide what to make the straps out of, perhaps i could use the bead necklace i bought today?


  1. saw you on my blog followers so thought I'd say hello and wow, I love the jewellery you picked up today, especially the first necklace.

  2. ahh thank you, i think it is the cutest.
    thanks for saying hello :)


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