Friday, 9 October 2009

let them eat cake.

there appear to be birthdays all round this weekend.
it's my mum's birthday tomorrow (and i still need to get her present, eek! i'm so unorganised it's actually not even funny) & it's a friends of mine's birthday on sunday so we clubbed together & bought her a cake.
how awesome do the candles look?
in the shape of a 17, oh we are just so artistic!
we were a bit too scared to light all the candles in case the fire alarm went off!
i had an extra free period today because my spanish teacher wasn't in so i had quite a chilled hour just sitting talking & listening to music. it was rather lovely.
we were in a bit of a daft mood too, & my art sketchbook was hijacked by jess & rhiannon who drew many silly things in it - photos of which i may post later after i've, erm, censored them somewhat.
also people kept writing things on me & by the end of the day we all had fetishisms written on our arms.
clockwise from the top left: charlotte, rhiannon, becca & meeeee.
i'd just like to point out these are totally made up! we were just in a slightly weird mood, that's what you get from too much cake i guess.
it was also john lennon's birthday today, that guy is totally my idol.
happy birthdaaaaay john!

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