Tuesday, 6 October 2009

lazy oaf jewellery competition

okay, so i'm actually meant to be doing my english literature homework right now (an analysis of daddy by sylvia plath in case you were interested), but i felt like a bit of procrastination.
lazy oaf (one of my faaaaavourite clothing & jewellery online stores) have been running a competition to design a pendant or brooch to be made out of perspex - details of which can be found on their website.
the winner gets their design turned into 50 limited edition pieces to be sold under their own name in the lazy oaf shop & website as well as being given 5 pieces themselves.
the theme was re-evolution (like old things to new i think).
these are my designs:
a bowler hat

a cameo silhouette

& a snorkel.
the snorkel doesn't really relate to the theme, but i had already thought of it before i knew there was a theme so i thought i would enter it regardless.
the drawings are pretty rubbish, but i really really hope they like my ideas.
*fingers crossed*

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