Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Prima donna girl, all I ever wanted was the world.

Recently I have had an awful lot of spare time on my hands, and I haven't really known what to do with it. I am a pretty lazy person, and often I do intend to be incredibly productive and creative only to end up having spent the entire day in front of the sofa watching May The Best House Win and How I Met Your Mother repeats. Now, there's nothing wrong with being unproductive, but a whole summer of it is woefully dull and boring! So, about a week or two ago I decided that I needed some sort of place to channel all of my ~creativeness~ so I bought a sketchbook and started putting together all the pieces I have cut out of magazines over the past, ooh, four years, along with lots of other things I have collected. Here are a few of my favourite pages so far;
A page on animal collective names. I have a real love and obsession for the strange and unusual names given to groups of animals (an obsession very strange and unusual in itself), like  murder of crows! Any Series of Unfortunate Events readers in the house?! I found this beautiful illustration set in an issue of the Independent, and I just find them fascinating.
Some mood boards based on sort of 1930s/40s glamour, rich fabrics, and kind of a French influence. I don't know, I find it really difficult to describe and actually articulate why I think the things I have put together go together, so I hope the images kind of speak for themselves.
Two colour boards.
I have so many pretty pictures of florals floating around, these are just two of the pages I have created. The second isn't really a mood board, it's just a collection of all the images that remind me of that dress (I wish I knew who the designer was!). The Klimt images are old postcards I found while helping clear out the cupboards in my art classroom last year.
Sort of vintage French Riviera patterns & themes, with a beautiful Basso & Brooke dress and pale blues.
Bright colour mood boards. (A young Kate Moss is in the pale blue in the picture on the right)
One of my favourite mood boards I think I have ever made. Partly because I just adore that editorial, and that all three images are so very much in tune with where I feel my personal style is going at the moment. Girly and feminine but still feminist. Basically Marina & the Diamonds in the Primadonna video (which is so beautiful and represents what I want to be and look like in every way).
A mood board sort of on the sixties, but also on perceptions of the sixties? All three images are modern interpretations of that famous decade, so I was kind of thinking about how true to life our ideas about it are.
So, I hope you liked seeing some of my sketchbook pages. I want to use it to do more drawing & writing, basically so I can keep on top of all of my ideas. And also have it to look back through when I'm feeling sad so I can remind myself of how I am talented and good at things, and also see things that inspire me all in once place.
Goodbye for now.


  1. ohh i love looking through scrap and sketch books! i wonder if there are museums dedicated to people's sketchbooks.. haha :P

  2. I love sketchbooks, I started one awhile back but I completely forgot about it until now! it's all so pretty! xx

  3. Amazing collages! super cool!

  4. Gorgeous book! :) I like your style, and I ADORE your creativity! You'll be a stunning designer one day.


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