Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Flower crowns

My mother and I dyed my hair last weekend! It's a fair bit brighter than I expected, and it's also really uneven if you look closely, but I do really like it.
I went shopping with my mum to a textiles warehouse, and while I was there I spotted a few fake flower decorations and I made a spur of the moment decision to make some flower crown/headband type things like in the Rookie video! (Rookie also retweeted the picture I posted on Twitter as well, which was so cool! Major fangirl moment.) I had actually been meaning to make some for a while, but never really got around to it, or saw anything I really wanted to make a crown from! Watching the video again and seeing all the crowns that people made has made me like, way inspired & I can't wait to make more! I never wear things in my hair any more which I used to do loads (mainly to ~rebel against an all black school uniform), so I want to start doing that more. Summer goals!1!!
The flowers came in packs of three colours, and I spent seriously so long agonising over which ones to choose that I decided just to get them all! They only cost 99p per packet, and I got two packets for each crown so really they weren't too expensive.
I made some with peach, pink and turquoise flowers! I saw these flowers first and I think this crown is my favourite.
I haven't attached them to a headband, mainly because I was kind of too lazy to have to hunt for some & i just wanted to get on and make them! I just twisted the wire each flower around the next one and secured them into my hair with pins on either side. I also kind of wanted something that I could pin into my hair in various different ways.
1. Speaking of Rookie, it looks like there's going to be a meet-up in London in July for UK Rookie readers! I think I will be in London the time it is on, and I would so, so love to go but I will have to see as I will be with my friends and I don't want to monopolise the trip! Beth from Girls Get Busy is going to be there, so to meet her would just be incredible. There is also an event for Rookie Northerners which I would also really love to go to, I have never been to a meet-up before so it would be amazing to go to one of these!
2. I am selling yet more things on ebay! Lots of jewellery, clothes, music & vintage all starting at 99p, please help me finance my trip to London!
3. I went to a book group meeting last night which was all about the history of the Riot Grrrl Movement. I had so much fun! It was really incredible to talk to other people about what they thought about Kathleen Hanna etc, and to speak to some people who actually had been Riot Grrrls at the time! I also met some really cool, feminist people which was amazing as that seems to be something I can only normally do via the internet. I really wish I had bought a few business cards along though as quite a few people were asking me about the jewellery I made (we talked a lot about the DIY culture of RG & I mentioned my Feminist necklaces).
4. I am going to a 1920s-50s music night on Friday, which I am so excited about! I will probably take my camera so I will post some pictures to show you guys! I also may be going to a burlesque show at a local theatre, and hopefully I can make it to the cinema to see Moonrise Kingdom some time this week. My summer of culture continues.


  1. love your hair & your floral crowns turned out great. they look lovely on you :)


  2. Your hair looks brilliant!

  3. I love it (and your hair, amazing!)

  4. Your hair looks amazing! Those headbands are really pretty too

    Julia x

  5. aww, you are so cute and I love your blog. I'm following you :)

  6. i love your hair colour! i'd never have the guts to do that but it looks so good on you. the floral headbands are super cute too :)

  7. your hair looks amazing! and I love all the crowns you made (that pink/mint/peach one is perfect!!) <3


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