Sunday, 17 June 2012

Forget your troubles, come on get happy.

Hello! This outfit wasn't on my list of things to post about, but I was feeling really good today, so.
(Hope it's not really annoying/distracting that you can see my camera, tripod & part of my reflection in that mirror! Professional fa$hunn blogging~)
This playsuit will always be one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. It has made a few appearances on this blog before, but I don't wear it that often, although it is so easy & comfortable to wear. I bought it from ebay, and I think it might have been my first ever vintage purchase!
The reason I wanted to post these pictures today isn't so much about the outfit, but because I'm feeling really happy & content with who I am, and I just wanted to document this moment and kind of fix it in time. I really just wanted to crystallise a point in my life and on this blog where I could look directly into the camera and smile.
1. I went to a swing dancing/vintage club night last night with a couple of friends, and it was so good! The band were really incredible, and there was a burlesque singer/dancer there too, who was pretty great. I wish I could have danced a bit more but most people on the dance floor were swing dancing which i have no clue how to do! It was a really lovely night, and hopefully we might go back again.
2. I have put yet more things on ebay! Selling quite a few of my worldly goods, including this petticoat which is breaking my heart a little bit. Most things start at 99p, and I'm selling clothes, jewellery, music & a few vintage pieces.
3. I am going to see Moonrise Kingdom today! FINALLY. I keep putting it off as I can't be bothered to go into town, but I am definitely (hopefully) going in to see it today. Or Wednesday. Hopefully.
4. I have been doing quite a lot of work in my sketchbook recently, it still looks a little bit boring & I want to do some drawing & painting in it, I might share that on here if I ever get around to it!


  1. It's really great that you're feeling content with yourself - and your hair looks frigging awesome! Also, 'Get Happy' is a brilliant song x

  2. Those dungarees are amazing! You look lovely

    Julia x

  3. Please take me swing dancing when Im back home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna go so badly. Also your hair looks fab!!! :D


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