Saturday, 4 February 2012


hello guys! it's my 19th birthday today, waah i'm getting old. i opened some presents from my mum's side of the family & i thought i'd show you what i got! i didn't really ask for anything big, just bits & bobs which i kind of prefer because it's just nicer having lots of little things to coo over.
some paperchase stickers & a silly sausage dog pen from my mum. i love stickers so much, seriously they are just so cute & i don't think you can ever have enough. the dachshund pen is because mother & i love them, and the pen is hilarious.
i also got this little brogue necklace from my mum, which i asked for from jewellery by jaymie. it is so dinky & cute! beautifully drawn too, and the chain is a perfect length and so delicate.
my aunt, uncle & cousin bought me an eyelash curler and some model's own nail varnish in mystic mauve & utopia and the nail art pen in black. i love model's own nail varnish, i'm generally not that into ~brand names but i really love their polishes. they have so many different colours, and i adore the names!
here are my nails in mystic mauve! unfortunately just after taking this i ruined my manicure because i didn't wait a long enough time before washing my hair (which has faded loaaads by the way!) so i had to redo them! it's a gorgeous colour though, a lovely shimmery metallic purple with a slightly greeny blue sheen.
i'm going out tonight with a few friends to a burlesque/drag bar which I CANNOT WAIT FOR! if i had been born a man, i think i would have to be a drag queen. seriously, i think they are so amazing. if i'm allowed to take photos i will do! also hopefully i will have a few more things to blog about over the next few weeks as i won't have that much textiles work to do.


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