Monday, 13 February 2012

all that glitters

hello again! this is only a little post i'm afraid, i just thought i'd show you how i did my nails the other day! come people commented saying they liked the ladybird nails i did in my last post, so i thought you wouldn't mind seeing what else i've been doing with my nails lately (:
glitter! glitter is the best thing ever and i love it. thank you rookie for helping me rediscover my adoration for all things sparkly! (what did i tell you, i'm a closet drag queen)
model's own pink fizz, utopia and bluebelle.
utopia seems to be the blogger ~shade of the moment, and it is lovely! it looks quite pink in the photo (bad lighting, sorrry!), but it goes on a very pretty lilac grey - much like my hair at the moment actually! the glitters are beautiful, this is the first time i've worn the blue since buying it in october and it looks so nice over the lighter colour.
i've spoken a bit before about doing a giveaway for reaching 100 followers (yay!), and i have finally thought of something! i will hopefully do a giveaway post some time this week, so look out for that! i hope you all like what i have decided to give away, goodbye for now (:


  1. Ooh these look gorgeous

  2. I love them so much! I am loving glittery nail varnish atm too :D

  3. I love glittery nails, always x

  4. This nail glitter polish is great, I so need one. Happy Valentine's Day! xx

  5. These look fab! I love a bit of glitter polish, I'm wearing some now in fact <3 x

  6. i love that glitter nail polish when I saw your nails, I immediately wanted to go down to the store and buy some, too - the mifnight blue one I have been adoring for so long. ;)
    I think I'll go and get it right now!

    your ideas are adorable!


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