Thursday, 23 February 2012

intergalactic disco

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This post is going to be a little bit different! I decided I'd like to do a little runway review of two of my favourite collections from London Fashion Week; Mary Katrantzou and Meadham Kirchhoff! These two also happen to be my favourite designers, and I actually sat on the edge of my seat to watch their shows live on the Topshop website! I apologise to those of you who are bored to death of LFW round-ups, but I had so many things to say on this collection I just had to write something! I promise it will be brief and not too full of hyperbole and ~fashun speak.
Mary Katrantzou
These dresses to me were the absolute highlight of the show! When I saw the first one come down the catwalk, I actually gasped because it was so pretty! The layers of beautiful, floaty chiffon are like something from a dream, and perfectly compliment the pretty fairytale colours and the ethereal prints (like the unicorn on the dress on the right, my favourite piece from the collection!). To me, these dresses seem like something a futuristic Marie Antoinette would wear!
The subtle, slightly neutral shades look absolutely stunning on these romantic, flowing swing dresses, and I love the splashes of richer colours such as jade, amber and flamingo pink.
I love the use of simple graphic prints in this collection. Mary is known for her beautiful, elaborate and almost couture-worthy surface designs, but I think simplifying them has allowed for more experimentation with shape & an exaggerated silhouette. (There were more exaggerated, almost robotic shapes int he whole collection, it just so happens that I have chosen the softer shapes!) Some of the print details include spoons, coathangers and 2HB yellow pencils! I also like the fact that she has explored print using one stand-out colour, and using softer textures such as the knitted dress above.
I loved the sumptuous grass green colour of these dresses, and the lovely flash of pool water blue on the dress on the left. As for the other one, I think it's just a-maze-ing! Hahaha, sorry, I couldn't resist a little pun there!
Meadham Kirchoff
Words can't express my love for Edward Meadham and Ben Kirchhoff's collections, they really are something else! Pretty disco lights were livening up the catwalk (which I believe was the same one as the Mary Katrantzou show, and it couldn't have looked more different!) and the models looked like they were having so much fun dancing to the disco tunes (including a wonderfully bizarre remix of Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas is You!), swinging their fur stoles around and throwing glitter at the crowd! And who wouldn't be having fun wearing those clothes?
This collection has been described as clothing for an intergalactic disco, and Ben Kirchhoff said that their inspiration came from an exclusive club they wanted to go to, which doesn't actually exist. Personally, this collection reminds me so much of Helena Bonham Carter - especially the long dresses, fur stoles & coats! It's like something an incredibly glamourous bag lady would wear. The purple dress is almost like a nightie (more borrowing from their beloved slip wearing Courtney Love perhaps?), and the tinsel dress is like the Christmas decorations I always wanted to wear.
There are so many wearable pieces from this collection too, like these cute collared shirts and pleated mini skirts. I love that they are still keeping the pastel hues of their fantastical S/S collection, but also mixing it with darker, harsher black & gold tiger-esque stripes and eye-wateringly bright rainbow colours. They have also kept their heart shaped motifs from the previous collection, but given them an edge with a spaced out expression and bared teeth. (These motifs are also seen in a very 1990s, DIY iron on patch feel in some of their other pieces). The outfit on the right is probably my favourite from the collection, I can so see myself wearing that blouse and skirt combination!
The last few looks from the collection were very alien-like, and almost conceptual! The wigs and the full face make up was incredible, and I loved the Dr Seuss-esque tights! I also gasped and squealed when I saw this model wearing a bat necklace, as it reminded me so much of the one I made in October for the shop!
Meadham Kirchhoff's collections are always beautifully executed, and generally just so incredible! (I also wrote about how much I loved their Spring/Summer collection here)
Hope you enjoyed this post, normal blogging will resume shortly!


  1. I definitely can see why you wanted to comment on the catwalk shows!
    the dresses are amazing - the colourful and playful styles are something that makes life better by just looking at them! I really wished I could go out in one of those outfits (particularly the fourth one ;)). Also do you have a very distinguished eye for shapes/colours and I agree with what you wrote about the collections. :) I've never heard of the designers (which doesn't mean anything, I'm ignorant when it comes to the most important matters), but I'll go and check them out on google instantly. :)


  2. The Mary K collection is breathtaking, all of the colours and patterns are so dreamlike <3


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