Sunday, 29 January 2012

a love for real, not fade away

hello! only a quick little post today as i am not feeling at all well, think i'm coming down with some kind of flu :( so annoying as i have so much to do this week! i'm going to sheffield open day on wednesday (but driving down on tuesday) and it's the deadline for my digital textiles project next monday. urgh, so not looking forward to trying to get it finished!
anyway, i had my hair dyed on friday & here are the results! it was actually really difficult to capture the real colour with my camera, the above picture is a little bit dark.
i really love the colour, but it was so hard getting there! i was at the hairdressers for over 3 hours! first i had my hair bleached, then two wash in colours put in which didn't work out, then i had a full head tint & two colour mixes. absolute faff on. when it was bleached, the ends were such a horrible yellow dirty blonde colour and the purple just wouldn't stay! i think my hair is obviously just really problematic & difficult to dye, aha.
the colour is more permanent than it was originally going to be, but it should fade quite a bit which is good as i love that whole grey/lilac candyfloss hair look. i washed it last night & it's already faded a little! i'm going to buy some of that "touch of silver" shampoo for platinum blondes (and old people, natch) because apparently if you use it more often it gives you a violet tint.
so, yeah. there you have it, my lilac hair! i love it so much, pastels are my favourite colours ever & now i have pastelly lilac hair. so good. i don't think i'm going to be able to stop dyeing it now! kirsten dunst's pale pink hair in marie antoinette might be my next colour of choice, so keep an eye out!


  1. I love it! If I ever get bored of red I'm trying it.

  2. I love this colour so much! I will try to dye my hair on my own but I'm afraid it's not going to turn out as perfect as this ;)


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