Monday, 20 February 2012

and the world will live as one

hello sweethearts! two outfit posts in one month, i really am spoiling you! or getting increasingly vain.
sorry for what my arms are doing in all of these photos, i swear they just move by themselves!
i've actually had these trousers for a really long time (i think i possibly bought them last june?), but for some reason it's taken a really long time for me to post about them. i bought them in the dorothy perkins sale, and i actually ended up having to get them taken in as i had to get the size 10 as the 8 was sold out. i also discovered a really good, cheap alterations place at the same time!
i never really wear trousers, i probably only wear them once every three months or so - and even then only if i don't have any clean tights or leggings! i felt like i needed a light pair to wear on sunny days when i want to be a bit more relaxed, and these are perfect! the fabric falls in such a lovely way, and i think the cut is quite unusual.
the only thing is the fabric does stretch when you wear them so they get baggier and baggier throughout the day! for this reason they can look a little unflattering, but you can kind of get around that by wearing a belt with them. i've kind of improvised and used a lovely pastel striped scarf, i like the extra colour this brings as i always feel a little bit boring when i wear trousers!
i haven't worn my john & yoko shirt in ages! i bought it on a bit of a whim in matalan when i was in my kind of omg-must-buy-every-john-lennon-tshirt-ever-made stage, haha.
i also made the necklace i'm wearing, ages ago! it was when i was studying for my art gcse so i would have just turned sixteen (and i actually blogged about it way back when, oh god!). the little jigsaw piece is from a yoko ono art exhibition at the baltic in newcastle, an exhibition which i really loved and which really stayed with me (despite my kind of indifferent feelings towards yoko).
i haven't worn it in ages, but i always feel the need to wear it when i have this shirt on, mainly because of the yoko connection!
*little piece of trivia: i wore this tshirt & necklace combination when i visited john lennon & paul mccartney's childhood homes in liverpool. one of my favourite things that i have ever done.
trousers - dorothy perkins, tshirt - matalan, scarf (worn as belt) - gift, necklace - made by me.
also, how freaking yellow is my hair looking?! lisa simpson alert. i'm going to the hairdressers tomorrow to hopefully see if they can sort it out, i want to be lilac goddammit!
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  1. I'm not really a trousers girl either, but these look great on you xo

  2. You have a really unique and creative style - one that I really love a lot! Besides, I'd also love to have your room, it looks like such a cozy and cool place to hang out and just feel comfortable and relaxed in. The Audrey Hepburn pictures and the different colours on your wall are so great! You actually got me inspired for my new apartment. ;)


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