Saturday, 6 June 2009

above us only sky.

i made some jewellery today.
it's not really unusual for me to do this, i mean, it is kind of hopefully going to be my future career, but i have had hardly any spare time lately because of my ridiculous GCSEs that are going on at the moment.
anyways, today i made 2 pairs of earrings, a ring, a badge & a necklace.
the earrings were really just rearranging other earrings, & the ring & badge were repair jobs, but i really love the necklace i made.

there's a bit of a story behind it actually.

the jigsaw piece is from an art exhibition i went to see at the baltic flour mill by yoko ono (between the sky and my head). i've never been too big a fan of conceptual art, but i did really love that exhibition. yoko ono really is a good artist, she can draw as well as do installations. besides, art is about more than just drawing anyway.

it just reminded me of the lyrics to imagine (which i really think is a beautiful song, even with its strongly communist connotations) & has really inspired me for a whole jewellery range kind of thing about, well, sky. i guess that sounds a bit stupid, but inspiration is inspiration!


imagine there's no heaven,

it's easy if you try.

no hell below us,

above us only sky.


  1. aaaaaaaaaaah
    is all i can say on this post
    no other words would do it justice!


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