Saturday, 15 October 2011

emerald city

last saturday i ordered some glitter nail polishes from models own (is it just me that feels there should be an apostrophe there somewhere?) as they were doing a "buy three, save £3" promotion & i was in the mood for something decadent.
these are the three polishes i chose, pink fizz, emerald city & bluebelle. i was originally going to buy purple haze instead of  bluebelle - because how could i not love the jimi hendrix reference! - but it was out of stock! i'm pretty happy with bluebelle though, although it's quite a bit darker than it appears on the website.
yesterday i painted my nails with emerald city, which i think is my favourite of the three. the polish is pretty good quality, but it does need two coats. i applied this pretty quickly yesterday morning before going out, so it's a little messy & probably would look better if i'd spent more time on it! also, my topcoat isn't the best quality so it smudged, meaning i had to retouch some of my nails this morning.
i have a weird hatred of having long painted nails by the way, so that's why mine are so short in the picture! i don't know, to me i just think they can look a little talon-like.
i also painted my toes with the pink fizz polish, which i actually love! i only applied one coat for these, but i actually think it's worked pretty well. i also have a weird hatred for dark nail polish on toes, so i will be trying the bluebelle on my nails in a little while.
i finished all of my rotation on my course, so now i'm just waiting to see if i get on the specialism i want to do, fingers crossed! i decided to go for textiles, and put fashion as my second choice. i really had to fight the urge to put fashion first, but i think in my heart i know it just isn't me. basically i only have to go into college on wednesday & thursday for lectures & an interview and then we have half term, so i am so excited for all the free time i'm going to have!
ten things i am going to do this week;
  • re-watch the virgin suicides and across the universe.
  • take jewellery pictures & list lots of new things in the shop.
  • see my friend liberty at her stand-up comedy gig.
  • cut the sleeves off the blouse from this post.
  • buy a young person's railcard & train tickets to see my friend kate!
  • catch up on blogs & schedule lots of posts.
  • finish on the road by jack kerouac and start slaughterhouse five by kurt vonnegut.
  • eat my body weight in cheese twists.
  • start booking myself on open days & drafting my personal statement (eek!)
  • watch copious amounts of family guy.


  1. I agree with you totally about the apostrophe issue! Gorgeous polishes though ha! I hope you get onto the specialism you want, and g'luck with the personal statement! x

  2. Ohhh I love the Wizard of Oz reference in the name, that would have been a big selling point for me :P
    Hope you get the preference that you want for your specialism :)

  3. Awwww what deliciously sparkling nails (and colours!) you've chosen ^_^ Pretty pretty PRETTY =)


  4. i love sparkly nail polishes! the green is amazing :D xx


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