Monday, 16 January 2012

run the water till it scalds

hey guys! sorry it's been about a week since my last post, i have been absolutely swept off my feet trying to finish my last textiles project! i was up until half 11 last night, and then set my alarm for quarter past five to do more work, absolute nightmare. i really liked my final pieces & i'm so proud of them, so when i get everything back from being marked i'll put some photos up here!
anyway, as part of my sketchbook work for that project i bought vogue (for only the second time in my life!) as i'd seen on a few blogs they had a feature on trends and i just knew i had to have the piece on pastels as that's what my colour palette was for this project! so so pretty, pastel colours are my favourite colours to wear, & i so wish i could afford to buy some of these pieces! just have to wait until it all filters down to the high street shops i guess.
another of the trends which took my fancy is gatsby glamour! (sorry about the blurry picture, only just noticed!) i love the whole 1920s look, gorgeous long fringed skirts & bare shoulders & draped necklines. i also love the short hair cuts & the pin curls, i would so love to be able to do that with my hair! black, cream & gold aren't really colours i wear that often but i may have to make an exception for one of these beaded beauties.
also, i personally can't wait to see the film (although apparently it doesn't even come out until december? boo!) as the book is one of my favourite novels ever.
now, i'm not usually an avid fan of florals - in fact, i can only think of one floral item in my wardrobe! - but this darling buds spread is so beautiful! i know, i know, "florals? for spring? groundbreaking" but they are so pretty, and not overly ditsy like they seem to be every other year. plus, i love pretty much everything that erdem do (especially their spring 2011 collection), so this trend is perfect.
the next project we are doing in textiles is digital print, and we have to create a design for a tshirt using one of the spring/summer 2012 trends as a starting point. it's a group project, and the trend our group has been given is vintage americana! i'm quite excited for this as I have lots of inspiration ideas; grease, diners, pin up girls, full skirts & poodle motifs, cadillacs, striped swimsuits, bubblegum colours & more. i adore the prada car prints, so lovely! we made some inspiration & colour boards today on photoshop which i will try to put up on here some time in the near future! i was really worried about using photoshop for this project because i have absolutely no skills at all in that department, but making the colour boards was actually really fun & so simple when i got my head around it.
just a few more things to tell you/talk about!
1. i had my hair cut on saturday, & i've asked for some lilac hair dye to be ordered so hopefully this time next week i will have newly coloured hair! provided i don't chicken out of making the appointment, of course. i've decided that i need to get on with it, and now is the time. i'll be 20 next year(!), so i need to  make the most of my ~crazy teenage yrs.
2. i can't believe i have reached 100 followers! that is so cool and amazing and lovely, i never even imagined that 10 people would find what i say interesting, never mind ten times that! thank you thank you thank you all so much, i will do a giveaway some time soon to properly show my appreciation for all of you wonderful lot! i will have to have a think though as i'm not sure what i could give away, maybe pick something from my shop? i'll figure something out!
3. one of my favourite bands los campesinos! are touring in march & i'm going to see them with some of my college friends! so excited, i love this band & they are apparently really good live. plus, i might be able to pick their new album up for cheaper than in the shops, as for now i've just been listening on spotify.
4. just realised that this post and my last post have both been about fashiony things! this is quite unusual, no planning on my part, that's just the way it turned out! i guess i'm just getting more interested and more aware of this stuff now that i have to do so much fashion research for my course. better get used to it guys!

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  1. Los Campesinos, you lucky girl you! I loved Erdem's collection last year and I'm hot on florals as always. The Gatsby and pastel trend, not so much, haven't the body type for it. :))

    No Modern Ariadne


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