Saturday, 21 January 2012


just a quick (scheduled) post today! i thought i'd show you the colour boards & mood board i was talking about the other day.
i made these on photoshop, which was actually a lot easier than i thought when i managed to get my head around all the tools! the colour swatches are done in the style of color collective, which has become one of the blogs i obsessively look through for inspiration.
as i mentioned in my other post, our title for this project is vintage americana so i chose these lovely bikini clad women for my first colour board.

this is my favourite picture! i really hope we take our colour palette from this photograph, i definitely would love to but unfortunately it's not just up to me because it's a group project. hopefully i can use my best pleading persuasion skills on the rest of the team!

this is my final moodboard. each person in our group has to make an individual moodboard, then we look at all of them next week to decide where we take out inspiration from for this project. mine is very sugary sweet & pastelly, hopefully everyone else won't mind this overdose of girlyness too much! for me, the 1950s (which is the era you're most likely to be referencing when you talk about vintage americana) was the best era for women's clothing; everything in bubblegum colours and full skirted and feminine.

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