Saturday, 22 October 2011

on a raft of brand new beginnings (shop update)

hello! i thought i'd just do a little shop update to show you what's been going on in strawberry fields.
i bought these dalmation dominoes quite a while ago from ebay, and they are the cutest things ever! i was going to make rings with them originally but when they arrived i thought they were a little bit too big, so i knew i wanted to make necklaces with them. you see so many domino necklaces around these days, i thought these would be a nice twist on those! (even though i am also working on a few pieces with plain dominoes too)
it has taken a while to make the pendants, because it took me a while to work out what i wanted the pieces to look like on the chains, and how exactly to drill the holes. after purchasing a special drill for small jewellery drilling bits, i finally managed to finish making them! well, my dad did, i don't quite trust myself operating a drill just yet!
i just need to wait for my clasps & chain to arrive and then i can make the full necklaces. i don't think i will be listing these in the shop until after i've done the craft market (as i said on twitter), as my bank balance is looking a little scary & i just want to keep costs down.
i also found these lovely geode things (whatever they're called!) in a box of ornaments in my room. i think they would look lovely on a long chain, and they will be made as soon as i can think of the best way to make them into pendants.
the longer piece is slightly faded on one side, so it can be worn in two ways!
i've put a few new things up in the shop recently made especially for autumn, including these emerald green glass bead earrings!
most of the new pieces are glass bead earrings in beautiful autumn/fall colours.
and in case you haven't seen it yet, here is one of the pieces in my hallowe'en collection; the bat necklace! the spider & fly earrings and the giant rubber fly ring are also part of the collection.
i'm so excited for this upcoming craft market! i've already written lists of things that i need, and i will make sure to take lots of pictures for the blog! (:
i'm also thinking of offering free postage for all of december & possibly some of november, what do you think? do you prefer free postage to discount offers? let me know in the comments!


  1. I will be buying one of the dalmatian necklaces for a friend for Christmas!

  2. You have such great finds in your etsy shop!


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