Wednesday, 28 September 2011

sail away, sail away

hello! wednesday night at last, which for me means a rest & a possible blog post! i've been on textiles rotation this week which has been amazing and fun and really cool and not what i expected, and i promise to stop using the word and now.
yesterday there was a vintage fair at a local student union & i went down to have a look before starting my intensive final piece work schedule (woke up at 5am this morning to finish it, woo!)
i bought this blouse for £8, a bit of an impulse/oh-my-god-i-have-to-buy-something buy before i left, but i think it's pretty cute! and reasonably priced too, compared to most of the clothes being sold there. it's a little more salmony pink than the picture suggests, and it has kind of boxy shoulders which should be ugly, but because it's a large size on me it actually does work. also, the folded cuffs and the collar/lapel things remind me slightly of an old-fashioned nurse's uniform!
part of the reason i bought it is because it has an unbelievably cute pocket with a broderie anglaise design. it is absolutely tiny as well, so goddamn cute!
it has a lovely collar too, and i have become such a sucker for collars lately! totes over the whole peter pan thing (although i will be doing a few blouse customisations when i can find the perfect fabric!), but i am so in love with embroidered or scalloped collars right now.
i also bought what my mum called the silliest pair of sunglasses she had ever seen, but what i think are amazing! you can't really tell from these photos, but they have a lovely tortoiseshell pattern.
i've decided that these are going to be my new driving glasses, because they flip up to be plain lenses! how awesome is that?! i cannot even express how amazing that is!
i highly doubt they are actual vintage as they look very new to me, and they were only a fiver, but i actually don't care because i just love them!
i've been looking for some new headscarves for a while now, i still love my palette patterned one but i need a bit of variety! i bought this nautical style one for only £2, and i really like it because it's cotton & i hate the flimsy silky ones because they just don't stay in my hair!
love the anchor & wheel design!


  1. lovely buys! the glasses are wonderful xx

  2. I love all of these finds, the blouse makes me think of Molly Ringwald :P


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