Monday, 19 September 2011

turn to the left, turn to the right.

i thought i'd write a little mid-week update about how my week has been going at college! i have quite a few other things i want to update about, but i have so much work on at the minute and just not enough time.
anyway, this week i've been on the fashion rotation part of my course which i have really enjoyed! it's not quite what i expected and is much more illustration based than i thought it would be, but i'm definitely swaying towards choosing it at specialism. for our rotation project, we were given an artist and had to design a collection based on their work. i was given egon schiele, who - much to my embarrassment - i had never actually heard of before! here are a couple of my favourite paintings of his;

he does a lot of erotic paintings, so these are some of his more demure pieces. i love the way he uses colour, and the shapes and positions of the women he draws really lend themselves to clothing designs.
here are a few of my responses to his paintings (sorry about the dark photos!);

we also had to do a bit of fashion research, and find collections that we felt related to the work of our artist. i didn't really know much about designers, so i had a look at the research sheets we were given and had a bit of a browse on & found possibly the most lovely collection i have ever seen. i was never really that into dior before (and i'm pretty sure this is john galliano's work, so that makes me a little uneasy from an anti-semitic hate point of view), but this autumn/winter 2011 is just so beautiful!
the shapes are gorgeous, and the full skirts really goes with what i was thinking for my own collection. i love the 1950s prom feeling i get from these dresses in particular, and the hair is styled just wonderfully.
also, this is pretty much the most beautiful dress i have ever seen in my entire life.
my work based on the dior shows;
i'm getting my hair cut tomorrow, and i just can't wait! i've been stuck in a rut hairwise for so long that i desperately need a change. to be honest it probably won't be that different, i'm just wanting quite a bit off!

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  1. oh your course sounds brilliant, i would love to be doing this! xxx


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