Wednesday, 14 September 2011

i'm a good woman and i never did say whatever it was that you did that day

hi! this is going to be a very quick post as i'm leaving for a concert in, ooh, 40 minutes and i still have to get ready! here is a short summary of some things i've bought recently;
laura marling's a creature i don't know, the kooks' junk of the heart and slow club's paradise.
laura marling's album is so good! i love her, and the whole album is just absolutely beautiful. so far sophia is my stand out favourite, i just can't stop listening to it.
i haven't listened to the kooks' album yet, but i have a huge love for this band (rather obsessively so when i was about 15/16) and i'm going to see them in october so i wanted to be prepared.
slow club are fast becoming one of my favourite bands, and i'm actually going to see them tonight! the new album is really, really good, it has a different feel from their acoustic/folky debut but still sounds like a slow club record. also, i pre-ordered the album so i got a free 5 demo track cd as well as a signed copy of the album! get in.
i got a free tote bag with laura marling's album at hmv, yay!
i bought sophia on 7" too, i really love the artwork although i haven't listened to the b-side yet.
today i bought brideshead revisited by evelyn waugh and the waves & to the lighthouse by virginia woolf. i loved mrs dalloway & ever since then i've been wanting to read something else by ms woolf. i love her style of writing and i think she's a very important figure in modernist literature.
i picked these up in a charity shop last week for 75p each, which is a complete & utter bargain! my pile of books to read just grows and grows.
i also bought the complete works of oscar wilde in the charity shop for £4, which is incredibly cheap considering just how thick it is! i love the illustration on the top too.
i adore oscar wilde's works and i've read the picture of dorian gray (of course) as well as most of his plays, but this also has his children's stories and all of his poetry. i'm excited to read all of this but it will have to wait for now!
i'm really sorry my posts have been so infrequent recently (and that this one has been such a whistle stop tour!), college is keeping me far too busy at the moment! it really is a huge amount of work, and when i'm not working i'm just so exhausted. i've hardly been able to keep up with my jewellery shop either, i was meant to list some new items today but just haven't had the time! hopefully i will have time to list them at the weekend, and post here too (:


  1. Your Wilde covers were drawn by Aubrey Beardsley, awesome! I didn't know the latest Kooks CD was out, so I need to get it!

  2. Oh wow - that tote is neat. I never saw it before. And it is cool to see the 7"s of Laura Marling, too. I do not think I ever saw them.

  3. Hello, I came across your blog looking up Laura Marling pictures and I'm glad I did. It definitely looks like you know your contemporary music, so I will be taking a few notes from you. I'm super excited about Laura Marling's latest album and I'm hoping to save up for the song box as I really regret not getting them for the last two albums.


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