Tuesday, 3 May 2011

is this love

hello again! long time, now post. ish, it has only been a week.
i hope everyone is having a lovely springtime (or autumn-time, for those in the southern hemisphere), i am certainly trying to despite my thoroughly demanding revision schedule. i have been taking a break every now & then however to do a little bit of jewellery making!
i have been going a little bit mad on ebay & in certain craft shops recently for little things to make into jewellery so that i can start my own shop/business over the summer. i've made quite a few rings & earrings, and the miniature tea sets you see here are going to become necklaces very shortly, just as soon as i've found somewhere to buy chains wholesale.

i've made 12 of these rings (for a total cost of 35p each, score) and i'm going to sell all of them except for this one, which i have fallen in love with slightly.
what do you think about using photos like this as publicity/product images for my shop? i quite like the angle, & the fact that the jewellery is the main focus. obviously as i was taking them on self-timer they aren't that great, but i think something like this could look really good. if you have any thoughts, i'd love to hear them in the comments (:

i've also been trawling ebay for ages looking for doll's house tea sets to make jewellery from. mainly i just wanted to make some tea-cup-and-saucer rings (which i have), but i also thought some teapot necklaces would be pretty cute.

i do plan to add a pearl or a bow to the necklaces later, mainly because i think that will be a little bit more interesting.

saturday's outfit, headscarf inspired by my art prep. i mainly decided to post about this as i thought my outfit matched the colours of my jewellery pretty well, especially the ring.
tshirt - vv brown concert, skirt - vintage/altered, headscarf - vintage, jewellery - homemade.

i am unbelievably excited about the prospect of starting my own jewellery online shop in the near future! this is something i've been wanting to do for a very long time now, since i was about 15/16 i think, so i can't wait to actually start the process. i think as soon as my next week's worth of exams is over i will start by making a facebook group, & then move onto an etsy or an ebay shop, whichever will be easier.
the only thing slowing me down is that i can't decide on a name for my shop! i have a few thoughts, if you could tell me which ones you like (or even which ones you hate!) in the comments i would greatly appreciate it!
here are a few of my favourites;
lovely rita - based on the beatles songs, of course
granny takes a trip - the name of a psychedelic sixties clothes shop.
lucy/nancy/audrey takes a trip - basically just variations on the above, i thought about using old-timey names instead of "granny" (slightly inspired by lily allen's vintage clothes shop lucy in disguise)
strawberry fields - again, based on the beatles song.
moonage daydream
lady stardust - this one and the above are taken from david bowie songs.
it would be lovely, & oh so valuable to me (and possibly to you, as the quicker i get a name the quicker i can open the shop and the quicker you can buy the jewellery, if you would like to that is) if you could let me know your opinions on these names. even if you think they're all terrible, i'd still appreciate your thoughts.
thank you, love charlotte.


  1. I like both 'Strawberry Fields' and 'lady stardust' plus again I must add that I absolutely adore that skirt x

  2. Ohhh I would be very interested in a teapot necklace, can't wait to see how they turn out :D

  3. Those rings are so adorable!! And I really like lady stardust! Good luck!!

  4. I need a butterfly ring in my life!

  5. Personally, I really like 'Strawberry Fields' and 'Audrey takes a trip'. x


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