Tuesday, 10 May 2011

always where i need to be

hello! first of all, i'd like to say thanks a lot for all your feedback on my jewellery post. it really means a lot, & i can't wait to set up the shop now!
today was the third of my three consecutive days of exams and, bar 30 minutes of finishing off tomorrow morning, i have finished my art exam and two spanish exams. yay! it just feels really good to have them over & doen with, even though i'm not sure i did particularly well in my a2 oral.
on saturday, i'm going shopping for presents for a couple of friends whose birthdays are coming up soon, & then i'm going to the party of one of them! i decided to buy a new dress for the occasion, because i don't have many smart/casual ones (smasual, if you will).
i had a leftover gift card for new look (where i don't usually shop), so i bought this piece of floaty loveliness. i bought it off the website so i was a bit worried about the fabric quality (as i am a total snob), but it's actually really nice & the dots are much more visible in person.
i think it's something i can wear as a day dress too, with some "interesting" leggings, ie not black.
anyway, sorry for the state of posting lately, but at the weekend i should be back up to my usual posting ~glory~.


  1. Gorgeous dress! You can definitley change up the tights and leggings as well :)

    London's Closet xoxo

  2. Love that dress, I am addicted to buying floaty dresses, I have too many but they're just so light-weight and great!
    p.s. laaav yo blagsplat, anyone who loves Sylvia Plath and guitar skillzz has my heart



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