Tuesday, 17 May 2011


i realise that this blog has become really dull & quiet of late, & i am sorry. it's just been pretty difficult for me to summon any enthusiasm or energy for posting here while there has been so much work for me to concentrate on at school. but lo! there is light at the end of the tunnel as i only have two proper exams left, yay.
on saturday, i went to town with a couple of friends to buy a present for a birthday party i was going to that night. we went around a few charity shops & woolworths-esque supermarkets to find a cheap game of twister to play at her party (and found a battered 1970s box in a salvation army shop), & found a hilariously bizarre squishy yellow rubber ball, the same kind that people used to have on string when i was in about year 5/6 so obviously we had to buy it!
we took it to the party that night, and hilarity ensued.

because it also lit up if you hit it pretty hard, i decided to play about with my camera to see what kind of effect i would get.

also, it looked awesomely weird if you squeezed it.

being cool with long exposure.


i realise these are pretty silly, but i think they're also pretty good.
tomorrow is my a level art show & school, so i might post some pictures later in the week of how that goes. (:

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  1. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR EXAMS. You're almost there! Pushhhhh. (Hahah. I sound like I'm telling you to give birth to your child or something. Yup.)

    And uh huh, these photos are aweeeeesome. AND YES POST PICTURES FROM YOUR ART SHOW. Tell me when theyre upsies!



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