Tuesday, 24 May 2011

awkward annie

i have seen this post about on a few other blogs and, at the risk of being a follower, i thought i would do my own version of a "what's in my bag" post! now, this isn't what i would generally carry day to day as it would be a bit too heavy, but if i'm going out for a whole day or going shopping for art/jewellery supplies.
from top left, clockwise (ish); sunglasses & sunglasses case, random travel tickets, a hair flower, camera, headscarf, book, phone, umbrella (depending on weather conditions of course), ipod & headphones, purse, keys, notebook, diary, pen, mascara, badge, hairgrips & bobbles, carmex lip balm & a ring. gosh, i carry around a lot of stuff!
my purse, keys & phone are obviously pretty essential, & so is the ipod if i'm travelling back from somewhere on my own. i always find listening to music on a train or on a bus very relaxing. carmex is pretty much my only vice beautywise (you've probably noticed i'm not really that into make up on a day to day basis) & i like to carry around a piece of jewellery that i have made, so if people ask me about it i can show them. i've also started to carry a book around with me, so that as well as listening to music on the way home i can also read. i have just started reading love in the time of cholera by gabriel garcia marquez, which i have always wanted to read, although i really wish i had bought the spanish version as well.
i bring quite a few hair things around with me if i'm going out, mainly because if the weather turns i want to be able to straighten up my mane of hair. the sunglasses are obviously so that if the sun comes out i am suitably accessorised, & i have about 5 pairs now so i like to change them up every now & then. a camera is also a good thing to have out & about, especially because my bigger one (which i took these photos with) is a bit too fragile & heavy to take around every day. i also like to take my diary with me, just because i like to know when i'm free if i'm arranging things with friends. and last but not least, i like to have a notebook around to jot down if i have any ideas for jewellery making (this is also where i keep all my finance details for the jewellery scheme, but that's far too dull to go into now!)
normally i take a few tissues around with me too because i always seem to have a cold, or a twinge of hay fever, but i couldn't find any to take pictures of.
anyway, hope you've liked this little peek into my handbag, so to speak.

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  1. your notebook and diary are so cute, and we have the same phone haha i'm tempted to do a post like this :) xxx


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