Monday, 30 May 2011

the end

friday was my last ever day at school, sob. it hasn't quite sunk in yet that i have officially left school, ie no more lessons, frees or common room antics. anyway, for the last day of school all the year 13s dressed as either geeks or charvs. evidently i went for a geek costume (well, more a geek inspired ensemble), as did the majority of my sixth form. actually, at the christmas ball i was nominated for the "geek chic" award, so this was clearly right up my street, so to speak.
laura & me.

me, beth & kate.

birkbeck, harry potter, me & kate.

lopsided glasses alert.

the three charlottes!

dan, chris, me, becca & birkbeck. a sort of spanish class photograph, there is definitely a normal side & a creepy side to this picture.

me engrossed in the deathly hallows.
i feel like elvis costello & buddy holly in these glasses, it's so strange.
palmer, harpreet, me & kate.

amanda & me with mrs pascoe, legendary english teacher.

i don't even know how to caption this.

mrs fitzgerald & our two art classes. you can sort of see me squinting into the sun on the right hand side.
 13VFI! woop.
our entire year group! i think we're one of the biggest year groups the school has ever had, which explains why you can't really see anyone's faces as it was so difficult to get us all in! i think i'm vaguely in the middle somewhere.

after school, we all sort of floated down to the pub which was pretty nice. then, after a break in between, me, kate, birkbeck, beth & charlotte all met up later for the pub quiz, woo! i actually bloody love pub quizzes, and our team - winning women, a bit of an obscure and (to us) hilarious apprentice reference - came fourth out of 11 teams. so yeah, pretty happy with that! the whole thing was organised by my friend amy, & we managed to raise £250 for the great north air ambulance.
i've got my driving test soonish (check me out being all vague), so wish me luck!


  1. Aha great pictures of your last day, GeekChic is relatively easy for me to pull off if i wear my normal glasses!

    Goodluck! xx

  2. You look adorable! So nice to see that you all made the most of your last day and that it was a happy one. I'm sure it will take a while for the weirdness of school being over to sink in...

    Good luck on your driving exam :D

  3. I wish I had photos of my last day :(


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